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Ed Watson  /  Daily Paintings: 2006-2023

“I have been painting interiors off and on for a number of years. In the beginning I was interested in how doorways could affect narrative or create a sense of passage to a new space. At the time, character archetypes and the transitional quality or depth of field of each space was particularly important to me. As the years have passed, I have become more interested in how large shapes present in a space can divide the picture plane in an abstract way. My recent paintings have a strong geometric presence while still representing an actual space. Some of these images serve as portraits not only through the objects represented, but through the character of each space, be they sparse or cluttered.“


Ed Watson is a representational painter working primarily in oil. Ed grew up in Deerfield, IL and currently lives and paints in the greater Chicagoland area. He received his formal education at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. While his subjects can be quite varied, Ed leans toward formal subjects such as still life, interior spaces, landscape, and portraiture. His images often display a characteristic simplified realism.

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