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  • Yearning V / 2023

  • Encaustic and wood on wood panel in an angle iron frame

  • 12" x 12" x 1.5”

Yearning V / Ginny Krueger

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  • Ginny Krueger received her M.F.A. from Northern Illinois University in 1995. She is an Illinois Arts Council Award Recipient. Ginny has been awarded numerous international residencies, including OxBow SAIC, Saugutuck, Mi, US; Gullkistan, Laugarvatn, Iceland; Skopelos Foundation, Skopelos, Greece; Arquetopia, Puebla, Mexico, and Art Print Residence, Barcelona, Spain. She has had many solo and two-person shows, and is included in numerous collections nationwide. Ginny is well-known for her painting in the encaustic medium, which has spanned more than two decades. Additionally, she enjoys working in cast glass, water media on paper, clay, and printmaking. She invites her audience to experience her work—-it’s materiality and physicality, and abiding reverence for the natural world.

    The materials of these works are chosen for their transformational allowance toward weathering, withering, melting, and burning. Beeswax and resin link all as the medium of connectivity.

    The alchemy of these materials takes place with fire, which is fugitive and mesmerizing to me. The process of creating with fire chances the unpredictable and often inconceivable, until it occurs. 

    In essence, each work goes through fire to a rebirth. I include and fuse natural and synthetic, constructed and deconstructed, manipulated and decayed materials, with the desire to offer a layered experience of complexity and richness, grit and sublimity. 


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